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Cylinder Boring, Honing, & Surfacing

Cylinder Boring, Honing, & Surfacing

Cylinder Boring

Enginetech Machine cylinder boring services keep engines running at top performance levels, with burr-free, straight and true cylinder bores. Our expert technicians regularly restore worn or distorted cylinder bores back to original “OEM” condition. For those looking for more displacement, we offer overbore services as well, from mild to wild.

Keep in mind that extreme overboring can make cylinder walls too thin to withstand combustion pressure and piston side load. Enginetech Machine has decades of experience and we have a deep understanding of appropriate limits for safe boring.

Cylinder Honing

The honing process conditions the surface of cylinder walls to help with lubrication of the piston ring(s) during engine operation. The honing process creates a fine crosshatch of imperfections on the surface of the cylinder bore and is very important for the overall performance and longevity of your new engine.

Cylinder Surfacing

Cylinder heads may need to be resurfaced in order to to restore flatness or to just improve the current surface finish. A cylinder head may need to be resurfaced after welding or other repairs have been made.

Cylinder Boring, Honing, & Surfacing